Biography of Hans Kockelmans

I studied Baroque Lute, 19th century Guitar, Organ and electronic music at the Maastricht and Utrecht Conservatories. As a player of historical instruments I am interested in the archetypal elements of ancient music, particularly Medieval. The search for these archetypal elements is common in both of my acoustic and electronic compositions. My electronic music is often based on granular synthesis. A sound-unit is divided into small cells and completely regrouped, thus freeing a new potential that was hidden in the original sound. Another technique I use is Musique Concrete developed further in a contemporary context.

Several of my works were broadcast by the Dutch and Belgian radio, and are frequently performed live.

Currently I am preparing some CD recordings.

Here you may listen to an example of the granular synthesis, a fragment of 'Hout'.

A fragment from Felices Radices